Weekly Run Down (2/4/08-2/10/08)

I took it extremely easy last week with Tampa on the horizon. Just tried to practice 3:50 pace on the treadmill and break in the shoes a bit as well as keep my limbs limber!

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- AM: 5 miles at pace on the treadmill with Daisy at the new gym
Lunch: Yoga with Daisy. Lots of sun salutations. Not quite the light stretching workout I was looking for, hips and shoulders were sore until Thursday, damn those planks!
Thursday- 3.1 Miles on the treadmill practicing pace with 6*20 seconds strides thrown to loosen up the legs and keep the boredom at bay
Friday- Rested and bummed around Tampa
Saturday- Super easy 2ish mile run and lots of walking back and forth around Tampa
Sunday- 26.2 of fun pacing miles

Now I have two weeks of recovery and then 8 weeks of focused training for Boston. The legs are a bit stiff but walking is normal, a little gingerly on the steps as usual. (I am actually pleasantly surprised since I did not get in much pavement time since JFK.) One monster blister that is going to have to go. Next time I go for the pedicure I am not letting them take away my calluses, it is apparent that I needed those!


B Bop said...

Do trail runners really get pedicures? Way to go nailing down that pace in Tampa!

Brian said...

I also miss the nice cushion of the trails.

Brian said...

your photos are out on the tampa race

Brett S. said...

Wow I hope to have as much fun on my run as you seem to have on yours. You are one of those runners that has me wanting to just relax and enjoy the experiences this year rather then trying to beat the clock in my head. Thanks.

solarsquirrel said...

The one MAJOR rule when getting a pedicure is DO NOT TOUCH THE CALLOUSES!!! (They look at you really weird, but it's worth it to keep them!)

Anonymous said...

okay, let me add to that comment i did on the photo page. the Pacing Babes calendar will not include feet. do you feel better?