Worn Down

But no worries I'll bounce back. My energy levels are fine but my last 3 workouts my legs have been ticked off. Just that zapped feeling. I can't figure out if it is because I pushed too hard on my Wednesday swim or if three workouts was one too many Wednesday and the good nights sleep Wednesday night was not enough to recover for a spin class and hard bodies the next day.

Today I just have an easy 4 miles so hopefully I will be fully recovered and ready to roll Sunday for 20. But if not I am not worrying about it. I'll just half the run. I think I'll be fine in time for the winter Buckeye 50k whether I hit that 20 this weekend or not. Hell last year I think my longest run was 13 between JFK and the 50k.

The crazy VTC competition has had me swimming laps, running circles, and even getting on the dreaded trainer and spin bikes. Spin class kicked my a$$ yesterday. I have some serious bike work to do guys. It was ugly! On a positive note my arms and legs are getting more tone and I can now easily do some of my strength exercises with heavier (for me) weights. I'm getting excited! 2008 will be the year of no arm flab and a six pack :)

This week was actually a back off from last week and here's what I've done:

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Run 5.5 miles 8:15 pace
Wednesday- Easy morning run 4 miles, swim 1600 meters, Easy 5 miles, had to back off the pace because of dead legs ~9 min miles
Thursday- Spin Class 50 minutes, Hard Bodies Class (60 minutes) Stairs and Suicide drills about killed my legs

Friday- 4 easy miles
Saturday- 10 miles trail
Sunday- 20 miles trail

Last week was just nuts:
Monday- Swim 1600 meters
Tuesday- Run 2.5 miles treadmill, swim 1100 meters
Wednesday- Swim 1600 meters, run 5 miles ~9 min pace
Thursday- Swim 1400 meters, Hard Bodies (60 minutes)
Friday- Run 4 miles easy, Pilates/Yoga Class (60 minutes)
Saturday- 10 miles trails
Sunday- 18 miles trails

I guess the run mileage is a good sign, I'm hitting 40+ without even trying to. Don't really need the miles right now but it will be good to know that my new slightly higher base plans are achievable.

Going to see I am Legend tonight with Daisy and her man. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend!


tracie said...

Keep it up E! Way to go with all the workouts though. Sometimes our muscles don't want to cooperate with the plan, they just want to chill out a little longer. ;)

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounds your in the full swing or TRI-season training... Good work...

40+ miles without trying.. I wish my miles were that easy..

Michele said...

Hell, I am worn out just reading about it:)
great job

DaisyDuc said...

Well hard bodies and spin class is definitely bound to kick your behind a bit just because you are using a lot of muscles you don't really use all the time! Not to mention you swim so darn fast and hard you are keeping up with me and my fins!

Tonight is going to be FUN!

IHateToast said...

ha! i read most posts on google reader first. it has wider margins and i misread a sentence. you wrote about getting on the dreaded trainer. right below "dreaded" in google reader was "ugly". i misread it as "getting on the drugged trainer." i think i got whiplash doing a double take.

you should put a cat in arm and lift for shoulders. the want to be a part of your workout. trust me.

Lana said...

Wow - you are a machine! I'd say feeling a little worn down is normal for all that.

But I am totally with you on needing bike work. I have got to get back on track with that! Thanks for the inspiration - as always!

Bolder said...

i got worn just catching up on your posts.

you do so much, so well.

be kind to yourself when you are feeling zapped.

iliketoast said...

Worn Down! .... was wondering if you would every slow down ..... just can't see it yet. This is a great time for a short break.

Dana said...

My legs felt the same way after my 1st tempo run(5miler @ 8:17 pace but my run sched said 8:49 pace) last Fri. I have no doubt that your legs will bounce back!