Last Race of 2007?

The guys in our running club have a tendency or running out of things to talk about on Sunday's at the bagel shop and once that happens it's time for the betting to begin. I've only been suckered into one bet which I lost. I'm not tempted to ever bet away a free meal again. But this is their way of keeping each other motivated to run well throughout the year.

Today is our New Years Eve Run. Approximately 13 miles. I had told Daisy we would be taking this run easy today since we both ran 21 and 22 miles respectively on Saturday. Well the bagel shop betters have another plan. They have made the bet that 3 women will beat WV back to the cars today. Then they realized that most of the fast women may not show. Leaving them to grab me and ask all about how fast I can run 13 miles. Of course not clarifying that they meant to propose that I beat WV today. So now the pressure is on, should I encourage this behavior and race my little legs to death today, or should I be smart and stick to my original plan of an easy day?

*Note that last night was girls night out and our three potentials for helping to win the bet all consumed copious amounts of appetizers, desserts, and red wine.*

So I may come back today with an unofficial 13 mile PR or I may come back having been smart and taken it easy and enjoyed a talkative run with my gals to end the 2007 season. Either way I bet I'll have had fun!


Dream Chaser said...

What's in it for you if you beat him? Do you get rewarded if you come through and the other two women don't?

If you don't get satisfactory answers to these questions, to heck with them and save it for another day. Unless you really want the rush. :)

Cassie said...

Do what you feel is best! You are the pro! Happy New Year!