Christmas with the Hansens

Paivi seeing if she likes pretzels. Girl went crazy the other night when we made tater tots, would not leave us or our plates alone.

Amenti pretending to be a glass of milk.

In retrospect this was a bad idea. In my defense I thought it looked so nice. Now I know though that my kitties just cannot resist windowsills and now I lost the glass frame on the left and all the glass panels in the frame in the middle. Got to love coming home to shards of glass everywhere.

Our mini tree and our collection of holiday photos. I started running out of room by Christmas but managed to get all the photos on there.

One of these socks doesn't quite fit in. Monte climbed in the sock basket as I was folding and made it all the way through the trip upstairs before finally bailing.

I was excited about this gift. We had a good photo of my sis at one of her Crew meets in Cleveland that I got blown up and framed for her.

Other gifts I was excited about giving this year included a family photo album for David's grandma with photos from the past 4-5 years, necklaces for both moms, a mug with a photo of me and the FIL after the Cleveland marathon, and disc golf equipment for David. I had a lot of fun giving the more personalized gifts this year, what can I say I am a photo hound and love sharing the photos as much as I do taking them! I have one more gift I am excited about giving but won't be giving it until mid January when we go to Phoenix.

My mom got us all "the claw" AKA window scrapers that keep our hands warm.

This cute puppy thinks he is a cat!

Mom and Dad got us a digital thermostat, with installation! Can't beat that!

We made out like bandits this year as usual. I got my Advanced Marathoning book from David, smart wool socks from my parents, a new watch, new kicks, two sweet new necklaces from my siblings, Scrubs season 5!, Lots of new long sleeved tops (thankfully both my mothers have good taste, as I do not, they hook up my wardrobe every year!), a deep fryer for David, and quite a few new games to add to our collection. Spoiled rotten. Hope you all were able to enjoy the season and were treated to some fun goodies. I am not big on the commercialization of Christmas but sometimes it is just plain fun to shower and be showered with goodies from your loved ones.

I'm off for my first 20+ miler in a while. My legs are still a wreck from Sore Bodies Thursday so this could be an interesting run!


iliketoast said...

You got the book! You got the book! You got the book! You got the book! You got the book! You got the book! You got the book! You got the book!

Eostre said...

Here I am, reading your perfectly lovely post about Christmas, and I get to the part about David getting a deep fryer and I INSTANTLY start salivating. I just know your hubby will come up with all sorts of wonders with that one. :)

Brett S. said...

I can't believe you were awake in time to blog before our mud slides this morning. Your sis looks just like you. I bet if her hair was darker you would be twins. Oh and nice to get the deep fryer. It will help with all the healthy eating right? It is good for making the shells for the canoli though.

TriSaraTops said...

Cute kitties!!!

Love the pic of D with the CLAW! ha ha

Hope to see ya soon!

TrainingtoTri said...

Have fun on your 20 miler! I heart Scrubs big time, it's such a great show.

Anonymous said...

OMG - with Pfitzinger on your side you are going to become a legend!

Happy New Year E!

tony said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, glad you had a good one! Def let me know what you think of Pete Pfitzinger's book.
My cat, Dusty, loves the clothes basket too...especially when towels are folded and warm out of the dryer...ha!

DaisyDuc said...

The claw rules!! Don't think I am not picking your mind about the book!

Dusty said...

I like your Christmas decorations. Love the ideas of the great presents too!

Phoenix - are you doing the RNR again? Let me know, I'll be there cheering around 5.5 in (my sister's house).

Dana said...

Sounds like you got a good haul & great time w/ your fam 4 the holidays!

IHateToast said...

that guy found a cat in his armpit.

and did you and your sister torment the boys by doing the old switcheroo.

did i sound 80 saying that?