Apparently I have the post office to thank for having to cast my ballot provisionally, not the BOE. I called back voter registration to figure out why the heck I was on the voting black list.

Apparently they sent my voter regsitration card out and it was returned to them, this would explain why David got one and I did not. When it got returned to them they sent out an address confirmation card which I immediately signed and returned. They did not receive it in time so I was allowed to vote but had to vote with the provisional ballot.

I am still not happy about it but at least I understand. What I would have preferred was for them to just check my ID that I was required to bring with me to vote against the address that they had in the book and when they saw it was the same they should have let me vote on the standard ballot. You would think that procedure might make voters in that situation a bit happier. Also since this is the second time I have had to vote provisionally for a reason other than what is listed on the provisional ballot options you would think they would add some other options to the envelope. I love having multiple people tell me they have never heard of cases like mine, it really makes me feel special. And them reassuring me over and over again that my provisional vote will be counted really makes me feel better, umm not.

So now I am just ticked at myself for not sitting and reading through the provisional ballot information at the polls and realizing that I needed the poll worker to seal my ballot. I must have been their first provisional voter because they weren't really clear on what to do and almost let me walk out without signing the ballot and then it was just set on top of their booth, they didn't even have a box for them. Ahhh. 2008 I should just take the day off work and work the polls, maybe then I will have more faith in the system.


robtherunner said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems with the voting. I can understand your frustrations. Hopefully you will have a better rest of the day.

A. M. Mericsko said...

good job going through all that effort! it was worth it!

sunshine said...

Ugggh... what an ordeal. I chose not to complain (well, at least out loud) about the volunteers since I won't volunteer myself. But, seriously, the folks at my place weren't really feeling the urgency to work at a slightly faster pace so we could all get to work on time. I should be glad that we have memebers of our community willing to help with elections, and I should be glad that the voter turn out was so large. Still... :)