F$#% the Man

The BOE man that is. I am LIVID. Apparently I am doomed to vote provisionally for the rest of my life. I would really like to know what on earth I could have possibly done wrong this time. Regardless let's just say that after already having lost most faith in the system in 2004 when I was forced to vote provisionally after having just voted with no issue in the primary (my address had been changed in the system to a different county and address I had never lived at nor heard of) , I now have pretty much none left. Well I guess at least this time I was in the book, so maybe a tiny little ounce of faith that in 2008 my vote might count.

To top that off I am kicking myself because I just realized that the poll worker did not seal my provisional ballot so even if I do call on November 20th and they tell me that my vote was counted I have no way of knowing that it was indeed my vote that was counted.

I am so angry and my run isn't until 6:15 tonight. Grrrr.

On top of that I have severe abdominal cramps. This makes me an emotional wreck. My poor husband had to stand in line to vote while I was on the phone with the BOE then voter registration crying and trying to get someone to let me vote on a real ballot. He knew he was in trouble when he went to the poll worker and saw my name beneath his with a big black bar stating "Must vote provisional."

When I get angry I cry. It is the most bizarre thing. I haven't been that angry since the last election. I apologized to the poll workers as I left but I still feel bad about losing my cool. I mean honestly I should have known something would go wrong and I should have been prepared to just bend over and take my provisional ballot like a good little girl.

But you know what this is a freaking democracy and it is my right to vote and if I fill out all the forms just like everyone else and bring my ID just like everyone else I should freaking be able to vote just like everyone else. I shouldn't have to wait two weeks and call in to check and see if my vote counted.

Okay this isn't helping I thought writing this all out would make me feel better but I am still angry.

ps. I didn't even rememeber to get my I voted sticker, but I probably would have felt like a hypocrite wearing it anyways.


Anne said...

i am so sorry you had to experience that. i had to vote provisionally last year. it really shouldn't be that hard to do something like vote in this country. chin up, darling.

Jodi said...

That sucks!

If it makes you feel better I cry when angry too. I have a great story about buying my car...

Hopefully your vote will still count. I can imaging how frustrating that must be. There is no excuse to not let you vote!

Kurt in Boston said...

*&%$ you, Ken Blackwell.

E -

This makes me sad. And angry. Get your story out. You know you're not the only one. DailyKos is compiling experiences from around the country of these kinds of things. The fact that elements of the GOP have to resort to cheating in order to maintain their power tells you how desperate they are. They must be held accountable. It's up to the people.

My favorite quote of the day - "It's not an election. It's an intervention."

Josh said...

I'm so sorry. I agree with you. You did everything right, it's not our fault the system/people running the system are stupid. Sorry again!

Rae said...

What a PAIN! We never got Brent's voter reg card even though I sent ours in together when we moved this summer. Luckily he was in "the book" so he did get to vote, but what's so tough about sending us the card???

If it helps I can mail you my "I voted" sticker.