Giving Back

For those that don't know I am a huge sucker for animals but especially for cats. I have been to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge several times and I wish I could go more often. One of their big cats just had to have a ton of procedures done to determine what the illness was that she had. It is looking like kidney disease. Obviously taking care of big cats costs a lot of money and these procedures are above and beyond those normal costs. Winter is a really slow time for the refuge so they don't get much in the way of funds from visitors.

If you have a few bucks laying around and want to help out a good cause I would appreciate it if you visit their blog and click on their paypal button.

Since I did not do an event with TNT this year I am hoping that perhaps friends of mine will donate to Turpentine Creek in honor of my efforts at JFK in a few weeks. After the race I am hoping to have a party and perhaps I can also turn that into a joint fundraiser with half the proceeds going to LLS and half going to Turpentine Creek.

Hope everyone elses voting experiences went more smoothly for them today than mine!


flint cordoroy said...

One of the cats here had a deep cut on his face. it got infected, so the vets put a drainage tube in the side of his face. It comes out behind his jaw. It looks painful. worse than body piercing.

TriSaraTops said...


Sorry to hear about the voting situation! Grrrrrrrrr.

I will definitely stop on by the blog and leave a little somethin'! It's the least I can're runnin' 50 miles!!!

monica said...

Hey Esperanza~
Just wanted to let you know I made a donation for "Lucky's surgery in honor of Elizabeth Hansen." Since I normally donate for TNT, I thought I'd contribute.
Miss you! Love ya!

Tammy said...

At least you rocked the vote... eventually! And it looks like good news across most of the nation! Yeah democracy!!!

iliketoast said...

you guys make voting much harder than i imagined it could be ...... we have compulsory voting here ... which means turn up and get your name ticked off th list ... no ID ... then one number in a box .... so easy

Robb said...

Your love for cats (and likely other critters) is further proof of your passion for life. I love your steely zest to live to the fullest!

Just noticed your schedule for 2007. Looks good!!

Steph said...

Thanks for the comment on the JFK. I'm running with my running club, and the club is organizing people to crew for us. I plan on leaving a bunch of tasty food, warm/dry clothes, and my road trainers around the half-way point. I am going to wear my trail shoes at LEAST for the AT portion of the race. I had a HARD time out there. The rest is flat as a pancake or flatter.

What is your crew situation? Are you traveling with people? (I can't access my comments anymore to reread what you wrote for some weird reason.) If you need some support out there, let me know. Our team captain also made a super cool document with virtually everything one would want to know about the race.

I can't believe how close this thing is! Good luck.

Steph said...

I sent you an e-mail last night regarding JFK details. (It's from 'runfasterfatty'.) Hopefully it'll answer lots of questions you have!

Stay healthy!

Samantha B said...

I checked the place out--looks like a fantastic place for cats! Dan and I are very concerned about wildlife and usually spend most of our donation money on organizations like this. We'll make a donation this weekend!

Kate said...

Great idea! I'm really sorry your voting experience was so awful!

Black Knight said...

I love the cats! Have a look at this site, everytime I can I go there: