Threshold Training Week 4

These rundowns are getting a little out of control. I've been reading a few fast ladies blogs and like their format a lot better. And in all honesty who really cares what pace I ran my recovery days :)

So will be trying something new here for a bit to see if I like it.

The goals per coach:

Total Mileage 80.

Monday: Easy.

Tuesday: 1 x 800/1600/3200/1600/800 meter compound set (5 straight miles no rest). Run 800 meters at 5K pace, 1600 meters at 10K pace and 3200 meters at goal marathon pace followed by 1600 meters at 10K pace before finishing with 800 meters at 5K pace. Pace: 800 @ 5:40 pace, 1600 @ 5:50 pace and 3200 @ 6:25 pace.

Wednesday and Friday: easy miles @ 7:20 or slower. 6 x 30 sec @ 5:30 pace with full recovery

Thursday: Tempo run 6 miles @ 6:15

12 miles @ 6:45
18 miles @ 7:10

How it played out:

82 miles
8 runs
1 double (Sunday)
2 Bootcamp sessions (M/W)

1 night out bowling/dancing
Way too much superbowl food and beer consumed!

Tuesday Workout: Ran at Case indoors. Just couldn't hit the paces. I've been struggling with these compound sets. It seems in order to keep some semblance of speed my body is just used to having recovery. Still adjusting to these workouts, so far though, not a fan. What doesn't kill me right?


Thursday Tempo: Had to deal with sloppy footing into the wind miles 1 and 5 and parts of 2 and 6. Ran about 2.2 miles out and 2.2 back then 0.8 out and back. 1.5 with Salty, then 8 minutes on my own, then another 1.5 with Salty, then the rest on my own. Had to stop briefly for two lights. Actually given how hard mile 5 was I have no idea how we ran the 1st mile as well as we did.


Averaged 6:16.6 and other than mile 5 really felt controlled the whole time. Temps were kind of weird. Wind made it cold but the sun made it warm, just not an ideal day for a tempo really, at least not downtown with sloppy footing and crazy drivers, but we made do.

Saturday Run: Aka sloppy solo snow festival. This run was the start of my negative atitude that has lasted several days. Couldn't hit the paces with the snowy ground, ended up averaging 7:03. It wasn't a bad run, just a bit mentally taxing running 12 miles by myself in a mini snow storm, when I would rather have been having fun with friends.

Sunday Run: Wasn't sure what to do about pacing since Saturday was slow, so I decided as long as the pace was doable I would run 6:45 for the first 12 miles then finish up easy to get in 18. Ran all but 3 miles by myself, and continued to just be a relatively unpleasant person all around. Finished out the run at 6:53 pace. Really didn't feel bad running wise, was just cold and grumpy.

In retrospect I am probably fighting a bug of some sort, and had to run indoors two days because of weather. Hopefully it is just the winter bringing me down and hopefully my attitude will get better the rest of this week :)


Kim said...

wow girl, you are racking up the miles. well at least you are training in boston-like conditions should april 18th be a nasty day ;) great job this week as usual!

allanjel said...

Is that what the problem is? A bug, perhaps a virus or a bacteria. Haha! Keep going through it, something has got to give.