Back on Track, again

The birds are chirping, snow is melting, and I did not blow up on my track workout today. Perhaps there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel :) Mood is much improved and the hamstring is feeling closer to 100%, so hopefully I'm ready to kick it up a notch here and really get with it on my Boston training the next 9 weeks.

A few things I think probably helped today:

I took yesterday's recovery run really easy and knocked it down a few miles.
I focused today on effort rather than splits and basically let my training partner be the watch.
The workout had more built in rest today, which I think allowed me to keep the effort higher.
I went in with a much more laid back attitude.
I basically had a week off speed since last weeks workout was a bust.


2 miles at marathon pace, 3 min jog,10 x 1 min at 3K pace with
2 min jog, mile at 10K pace, 2 min jog, 800 at 5K pace
Pace: 6:20 mar, 5:30 3K, 5:50 10K, 5:40 5k


Ran the 10* 1 as 292 meters around the track all between 58 and 1:01


allanjel said...

It's gotta be like living in slow motion for an hour running with me...hahahaha! You, fast people always wanna ride us, turtles' coat tails when it comes to running slow ;)

E-Speed said...

girl I'm just glad when I can run with my friends no matter the pace. I'm so glad you ran with me yesterday!

Janet Edwards said...

Way to get it in and glad to hear that hammie is feeling better!