5 * Mile

Target workout last night was 5* one mile at 5:50 pace with 2 minute recovery jogs.

Weather here has made it pretty tough to do these outside so we headed down to Akron to get on the indoor track there. It is not a short drive, and traffic can be a pain, but as long as we get there early we can get in most of our workout before the evening track clinic gets too far into their workout avoiding dodging kids on the track. It's a 300 meter track so it is nicer than going somewhere else that is shorter or having to hit the treadmill. We got lucky last night and arrived to no softball practice so we were able to start the workout early and we were almost completely done before anyone was on the track.

My training partner has been killing me at the indoor races this spring so I have been trying to let her take the lead in the workouts and just work off her. Last night this worked out great as she was right on pace and content to stay there. I never felt great but just tried to focus on one lap at a time, keep my head up, focus on form etc. Because NC was humming Lady Gaga Born this way, the workout was done to that tune in my head, it just wouldn't get out of there!

I took the inside lane for the 3rd and 5th mile to try setting the pace, I was fast the first lap on each, but pretty steady the rest of the laps. We decided to pick it up the last mile. I was a bit surprised I was able to, but glad I sucked it up and did it. Managed to get in 11 miles without getting in anybody's way. Other than the driving to and from it really is a good location and a nice track.


Pretty sure this is my best mile repeat workout ever. I tend to fall apart on these so that was a nice mental boost. Can't wait to get onto an outdoor track though!

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Adventures with MS said...

You were down in my stomping grounds. I work at the recreation center that is connected to that track. :)

Anyway, I was looking at your mile splits - they call you E-speed for a reason. :)