Weekly Run Down- 8 weeks to Boston

The Good News about last week is I got in 75 good miles. Other than the less than stellar race I hit most of my targets and really felt great. My 20 miler was the fastest ever other than the Columbus Marathon and I am fired up to get my act in gear for Youngstown in 2 weeks. My tempo's have not improved over last fall and it is time to suck it up and get it done. I talked with coach and this weeks training will be more aggressive. I need to get my tempos in the 6:20s (going to partner up with another local runner looking to do the same) and we need to start getting my speed back up to par (come on daylight savings I want to hit the track!). But what I am feeling good about is my aerobic fitness. I really felt relaxed all week and I have no nagging injuries right now so I am in great shape to red line it a bit for the next 6 weeks leading up to my Boston taper.

In addition to upping the intensity of my training I am focusing on my diet for the first time in a long time and making a goal of getting down to my starting college weight. This is still a bit higher than the bottom level of healthy for my height, so definitely not excessive weight loss, but will hopefully make a significant difference in how light I feel. I am also hoping getting in the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fat will level out my energy levels. I already have high energy and get plenty of sleep, but if I can even out the highs and lows of energy on a daily basis and during my runs it can't hurt. In addition to eating the proper amount of calories to meet my goal weight I am also cutting out desserts and alcohol until Boston, and trying to keep junk to a minimum. Obviously will still be having sugar in gels and my Sunday coffee, but cutting way back on indulgences will only make the weight goals that much easier to achieve. Goal is to lose 1 lb a week and so far so good! I am down to the same weight I was in July 2008 which was my lowest adult weight while running.

February 15th-21st 74.6 miles

Monday- AM Massage, 6 miles super easy in the PM with NB

Tuesday- 8 mile track workout on the treadmill. Went pretty well until the last two miles. I was supposed to follow the intervals up with 2 miles at 7:00 pace but just ran out of steam.

6*.25 at 9.6 mph
1 mile at 9.2 mph
4* .13 at 10.4-10.6 mph

Wednesday- AM 5 mile run with GP at 8:01 pace
Lunch 8 mile run at 8:13 pace

Thursday- 9 miles with 5 miles at 7 minute pace

Friday- 6 miles easy at 8:06 pace with 4*20 second strides

Saturday- 21 minute warm up
19:40 5k
17 minute cool down

PM 4 miles easy 8:21 pace

Sunday- 5 minute easy warm up

20 miles at 7:08 pace

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Black Knight said...

You are making a real good job. Indeed Boston was always my (now impossible) drem. When I began to run in 1985 I read about it on Runner's world (USA version bought in the airport) and I was amazed by that race. Well, run for me the Boston marathon!