Another Week...

Another weekly rundown.

The weather this week was a huge downer in Cleveland 2 out of 3 key workouts were accompanied by at least minimal snow covered ground, Tuesday my speed workout got pretty slick pretty quickly. Thankfully the roads were mostly clear for my long run yesterday, other than Hawthorne hill, nothing like climbing basically heart break hill in slippery footing to get your heart rate up. I'm definitely to the point of fed up with the winter and all week it seemed like meeting mileage goals was not going to happen, but somehow I managed to eek out 70 miles. Add to the weather a distressed stomach during my tempo and two mornings of racing to the corner only to miss the bus by mere seconds, and at least I have a reason for my crankiness this past week, if not really any justified excuse.

February 8th-10th 70 miles

Monday- 7.5 miles 7:52 pace

Tuesday- 8 miles with 2*0.50 miles (3:15, 3:09) followed by 6* .13 miles (all 45-46), followed by 3 miles around 7:10 pace (aiming for 7, but the slop just did me in)

Wednesday - 6 miles treadmill super slow

Thursday- Lunch 8 miles in slop, 9:07 pace, PM Treadmill miles 3.5 8:50 pace

Friday- 10 miles with tempo interval effort (1 miles, 1 min 7:30 pace, 2 miles, 1 min 7:30 pace, 1 mile, 1 min 7:30 pace, 2 miles), stomach issues and being mental caused my pace to be slow (6:58, 13:58, 6:49, 6:42, 6:42)

Saturday- 10 miles 7:45 pace

Sunday- 15 miles 7:07 pace with last 4 miles sub 7, then 2 mile cool down

On a positive note after a little more achilles soreness Monday it seems fine. I've been wearing compression socks and just leaving it alone and it seems to have healed itself!

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iliketoast said...

That's a lot of miles and a many slow ones, I'll less miles but faster. Think your program is better.