Hello Fitness...

How nice of you to arrived right on time.

Well the stars are starting to align on my training right now, coincidence the same happened last year around this time, probably not. I'm guessing the attitude adjustment is somewhat seasonal in nature. It is just too easy to get dragged down in these Midwest winters.

That said I still need to keep upping the effort in my speed work and start really pushing the hills, but this week was a fantastic training week, got my head on straight, worked hard, lost a few pounds, and despite being sick ran my best week ever.

February 22-28th-75 miles this week.

Monday-8 miles easy 8:22 pace with 6*25 second hill sprints
Tuesday-10 miles with interval work
Wednesday-8 miles at lunch 8 minute pace, 6 miles PM 8:40 pace
Thursday-8.5 miles including 5 mile tempo
Friday-7.5 miles easy 9:20 pace (including stops)
Saturday- 10 miles 7:19 pace, pushing the hills
Sunday- 18 miles including 16 miles at 6:53 pace

Key Workouts:

Intervals: goal was 2 miles at 6:30 pace, 4*800 at 6:00 pace or better, 2 miles at 6:20 pace, and 6*100 in 22 seconds.

Well the paces weren't quite up to where I'd like them to be, but I felt like it was a really good work out. I had to work hard and was engaged/focused the entire workout. Did this on roads, so some of this was into the wind and that 6:38 mile included some uphill. splits below.


Tempo Run: I convinced a running friend to let me tag along with him so I could up my effort on these. Goal was 6:25 pace for as long as I could hold on to it, if I fell too far off run 2 minutes easy then finish out the 5 mile tempo as close to 6:25 as possible. We started with the wind at our backs or crosswind, the footing was marginal for some of these two miles but for the most part okay. After the 2nd mile the course heads uphill for about a half mile to .75 and then turns into a wind tunnel for the last two miles. I let my running friend pull ahead at the hill and never quite caught back up but decided not to do 2 minutes rest because for the next two miles I was still faster than my fastest average tempo pace and the last mile was into some rough wind and I ran all out the last quarter of it, I was extremely pleased with the effort and this is my best tempo average to date in marginal conditions.

32:43.0 Total
06:32.6 Average Pace

Long Run: Goal this morning was to get in 16 at 7 or better pace. I wanted to get in a warm up so we did a little less than 2 miles easy then started in on the 7 minute effort. Took a slightly different course than normal which takes out the long grinding hill but adds in one long steep hill and a few tiny steep hills. Then we headed back in and did a few tack ons out and back, so a flatter course than normal. By the time we reached 16 with the warm up we were at an average of 6:59, but I was feeling good so I decided to stick to the goal of running 16 straight at 7 or better average and got in 16 at 6:53. My best average pace ever for that long of a distance.

I am definitely feeling pumped up for Youngstown next week and prospects for Boston are starting to look really good from my vantage. Now this snow needs to melt so I can get on the track and fine tune my speed and form, and this sore throat and running nose need to go so I am running on 100% for the next 7 weeks.


allanjel said...

I can't believe you go out and do this freakin' amazing training and then doubt yourself sometimes....


The Salty One said...

Beth always makes it sound so easy :)

Great job. Just save something for the race! I had a dream about the Y-town hm last night. I ran it, but started about 5 minutes after everyone else and it was so hot there were kids playing in sprinklers in their bathing suits by the start. Yeah. Pregnancy hormones make weird dreams! But I think the dream means you'll do great!

Good luck!

E-Speed said...

I don't know right now weather calls for 40s and rain, so we might as well bring our bathing suits right? :) Hoping the rain holds off until Monday and we get 40s and no precip!

DaisyDuc said...

WOW...them are so friggin solid workouts! This is going to be your year!