Sunny Weekly Rundown

The weather was pretty kind to my running while we were in Houston and Phoenix, too bad my achilles had to act up and spoil the last two days of what should have included some sunny runs. Running went relatively well. Speed work and tempo went perfectly as planned, but the long run dragged and my stomach was not nice most of the week, then to top it off the last 4 miles of the long run my left achilles started to "twang" and was sore afterwords. It was a little sore today but survived a speed workout last night so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Jan 25th-Jan 31st 76 miles

Monday-8.5 miles 8:03 pace lunch, 5 miles 7:36 pace pm
Tuesday-8 miles 8:20 pace
Wednesday-9 miles 7:23 pace including: 8*.13 mi in 42-44 seconds with .13 jogged rest, 1 mile 6:22 then 4 miles ranging from 7:11 to 7:24
Thursday-AM 6 miles 8:29 pace, PM 4.5 miles including 2 miles with cousins easy
Friday- 9 miles with 6 miles tempo at Memorial Park 6:44.63, 6:44.90, 6:45.48, 6:44.09, 6:43.97, 6:43.06
Saturday- 10 miles easy including ~4 miles on trails near Camelback 8:40 pace
Sunday- 16 miles 7:54 pace, quads felt like absolute crap, just couldn't up the effort at all

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Mark said...

Great running! Hope the tendon stops acting up!