Week 12 (A lighter week on the running front)

As is becoming the norm for this time of year I headed up an aid station for the Burning River 100 mile race on Saturday August 1st. This resulted in no runs for the entire weekend, I was just exhausted, and despite two days off running (after 31 straight days of runs, my first month streak) my legs are toast. Apparently being on your feet from 8 am to 1:30 am is still hard work. So the mileage was light, but still some quality days. Track workout was tough, no company this week, but tempo went great.

Monday July 27th through August 2nd

42 miles for the week

Monday: 6 miles easy, 8:40 pace
Tuesday: AM 4 miles easy, PM Track 8 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles easy, 8:30 pace
Thursday: 10.75 miles with tempo
Friday: 6.5 miles easy, 8:40 pace
Saturday: Push mowed lawn at 8 am, worked aid station from 10 am to midnight, tore down course markings and hiked 4.1 miles until about 2 am.
Sunday: Rest

Key Workouts:


Short fast stuff, not my forte. It was windy and I struggled with the quarters. We were aiming for low 80s, but when you run the first 200 in 43 into the wind every time, that is really freaking tough to do. Going to start focusing on getting my knees up, incorporating some exercises into my regular routine to promote that.

4*200 jog/200 stride: quarter times (200 stride)(1:42(?),1:45 (40),1:51 (42), 1:51 (39))
400 EZ 4:43
8*400 with 100 jog/80 second rest
83.39 (84.83)
83.40 (86.96)
83.90 (81.17)
84.12 (80.98)
84.85 (80.22)
84.16 (81.64)
83.44 (82.03)
83.28 (49)
400 recovery 2:37
800 meters jog curves stride straights 3:41.04 approximate 100 stride times: (20,19,20,19)


Borrowed GPs Garmin for this one, just too complicated to hit these paces on my own on the road. Nailed the workout, very happy with the effort.

1.22 miles warm up easy

3 miles aiming for 7:10, 6:40, 6:40
2:03 rest/jog

2 miles aiming for 6:40 on both
2:04 rest/jog

3 miles aiming for 6:40, 6:40, 7:10

1.16 miles easy cool down


Black Knight said...

Do you remember when we had to run the tempo without the Garmin?

Mike said...

I'm new to the blog but enjoying it. I've probably missed some posts, but just curious, are you training for a marathon, which one?

By the way, read your race report from last year's Richmond Marathon and enjoyed/appreciated it - I ran that one and it was not easy, great job to PR in those conditions!