11th Week of Coached Training

After a week of feeling somewhat sluggish this past week I felt fantastic up through Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday my quads were thrashed, but overall a great week.

65 miles for the week.

Monday: 8 miles EZ 8:15 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles track
Wednesday: 4 miles EZ treadmill
Thursday: 9.5 miles EZ 8:25 pace
Friday: 10 miles with 7 at Tempo
Saturday: 7.5 miles EZ 8:28 Pace
Sunday: 18 mile long run 7:57 pace

Key Workouts:

Tuesday Track:

Mile warm up: 7:50ish
4*100 strides

workout: 1600 aiming for 6 to 6:05 then each set faster pace for 1200, 800, 2*400, lap rest then mile at hard pace effort, not quite as fast as everything else.

1600: 5:56.60 (3:06.22)
1200: 4:23.89 (2:31.98)
800: 2:51.94 (2:04.53)
400: 1:22.90 (1:30.33)
400: 1:18.75 (2:44.27+1:05.41)
1600: 6:15.06

versus last time for the same workout (May 28th)

1600: 6:15.67 (3+ recovery)
1200: 4:35.77(3:23.79 recovery)
800: 2:58.59(2:42 recovery)
400: 1:26.02(1:54 recovery)
400: 1:22.46(4:28 recovery)
1600: 6:19.38


NC who came in 5th on Sunday at Johnnycake came and did the workout with me. It was so nice to have some company! Don't know if it was her influence, the good weather, or finally throwing on some lighter shoes, but I was in such a great groove for this workout.

Thursday Tempo:

Aiming for 7 miles at 49 minutes or faster.

Well I am definitely consistent. Ran the same course as the 7 a few weeks ago, and ended up with the exact same time, although it is getting a wee bit easier (and I even did the run at 6 am, which is killer for me). 48:41.6. Temps were good but the wind was tough on the 4th, 5th, and 7th miles.


Sunday Long Run:

My quads were thrashed after Friday's tempo and Saturdays easy run didn't flush all of that out. Hills were a little rough Sunday but overall my energy felt good and I was able to push the hills a little bit. Same pace as I have been holding for the 15 milers. I'm starting to feel like a marathon runner again now that the mileage is getting a bit higher and my long runs are going over 2 hours. I need to start waking up earlier for these because my stomach has become an issue late in the run lately.

Saturday Easy Run:

Not a key workout but it was a nice little change of pace for me. Headed to Chagrin Falls, ran some hills and trails with my SERC buddies and afterwards we had a picnic by the river with mimosas and cheese and crackers. What a great way to kick off the weekend!

Mimosa Toasting Great Running Friends

Mmm Brie!!!

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