Week 13 of coached training

Followed up last weeks low mileage week with a bit more mileage this time around. Mostly due to getting in a medium long run Monday (guilt of no weekend running) and the first 20 miler to get ready for Columbus (and pacing at Akron). Had a good hard effort on Tuesday and Thursday and despite majorly tired legs had a nice 20 mile effort.

Monday August 3rd through Sunday August 9th-74 miles

Monday- 12.5 easy 8:26 pace
Tuesday- am: 6 Easy pm: Track 7 miles
Wednesday- 6.5 easy 8:11 pace
Thursday- 9.5 miles with tempo
Friday- 6 easy 8:47 pace
Saturday- 20 miles 8:13 pace
Sunday- 6.5 recovery 8:40 pace

Key Workouts:


Coach had a mile time trial on tap plus 2*800 and 4*400. Don't think I got in quite enough of a warm up but managed to PR the mile time trial in 5:35.2. Took it out way too fast trying to chase my "pacers" in 80 and 81 and finished it out with 88 and 86. paced BB on her final lap of her TT in 94 then we did our workout aiming for under 3 on the 800s and under 85 on the quarters.

2:58.95 (2:31.45)
2:58.44 (2:33.87)
1:21.59 (2:00.22)
1:21.80 (2:04.25)


Ran this one with NC at NC, aiming for 6:52ish with the last mile the fastest (ended up going for most effort as we ran a little too fast most of the workout) for 7 miles. Either the mile markers are a wee bit short on some of these or it was just a nice night and easier to run with company. We did out and back 2.5 than out 1.5 and back 0.5. The first, 4th, and 5th mile are pretty rolling so I was surprised at how well we did those.

Total 46:37.5

Long Run:

Took it a bit easier and ran with company. We decided to run from NC on the roads and did a very hilly route with three significant killer climbs. The last two miles we picked it up aiming for 7:20s but went a little fast in 7:10 and 6:54. The hills were zapping my already tired legs early in the run but around mile 17 on the last large hill I finally found my groove. I felt really strong the last two miles like I could have kept up the effort for at least a few more. Finally starting to feel like a marathoner again!


duchossois said...

OK, so only a PR 5:35 mile and a 7 mile tempo averaging 6:40 pace. Not much happening in your training last week then, right?

runamanda said...

Awesome workouts!!!! Keep up the good work... I have a friend going to try to win Akron but Sarah will be there and she is tough.