Week 16 with the coach

Only 7 weeks to go to Columbus. Still plenty of time for a few more key workouts but I am feeling like there isn't quite enough time to get to where I would like to be come race day. I have one more 20+ miler then it is all either racing, pacing, or taper every weekend from here on out.

This week I came up a bit shy on the 65 planned miles. Just ran out of time and then Sunday when I planned to go out for an evening run our water main broke and we had no water to shower with until this morning so I opted for rest instead.

August 17th through August 30th-62 miles

monday- 6.5 easy with TR and Daisy 8:47 pace
tuesday-7 miles with track workout
wednesday-2.6 miles easy to and from my hair appointment 8:43 pace, 7.4 miles easy in the evening with NC 8:09 pace
thursday-10.4 miles with tempo
friday- 10.7 miles easy with cv 8:15 pace
saturday- 4 miles easy last mile at half pacing pace 8:24 average
sunday- 13.1 miles 7:36 pace, a hair too fast

*Edited to Add: I forgot this week I started the 100 push ups challenge so Monday (49), Wednesday (53), and Friday (61) I did a push up workout with David. I made the assumption that I could do 11-20 pushups and started with week 1 column 3. My arms were wrecked after the first workout but I am slowly acclimating. I don't really care if I can do 100 push ups but I want to improve my upper body and core strength and this seemed like a time efficient plan to do that and one that I would be able to stick to. *

Key workouts:

Tuesday Track:

1600, 800, 1600, 800 aiming for sub 6 on all and all faster pace than the last. These were on my own so I was happy with the effort, I am sure coach wanted these closer to 5:50 though

1600-5:57.52 (3:00.61)
800-2:55.91 (4:22.51)
1600-5:55.31 (2:59.49)

Thursday Tempo:

7 mile tempo aiming for under 48 or 6:50 pace. another solo effort, happy with it. Still flying sans garmin until they send the refund so I am happy that my pacing instincts are pretty accurate.

Sunday Pacing:

I'll save the details for the pacer report but was a hair off on a mostly downhill course with some rollers in the middle, pace felt comfortable just had a hard time nailing each mile right on. 1:39:37

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Thomas said...

That's an excellent track workout, no matter what the coach might have wanted!