Week 14 with the Coach

Another light week due to the race on Sunday.

August 10th-16th 53 miles

Monday-4.7 miles easy on trails with Daisy before heading to Cedar Point
Tuesday- 7.5 miles including track workout
Wednesday-8 miles easy with Daisy
Thursday-9 miles with Twilight Trail 8K (report to come)
Friday-4.4 miles easy (supposed to do 6-7 but just not enough time)
Saturday- 4 miles easy with Dad on his bike
Sunday- Perfect 10 miler (report to come) plus 2 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down

Only one key "workout" this week since I ran the Twilight Trail 8K Thursday and the Perfect 10 miler Sunday. I was whipped most of the week from Cedar Point and female issues. Sunday after the race I took two naps totaling over 4 hours. I was just beat.


Ran 4*1200 aiming for 4:35, 4:30, 4:25, 4:20

This workout was tough and almost met the goals but not quite, just couldn't get it done despite the 3 minute rests.

4:36.09 (2:59.98)
4:29.06 (3:02.62)
4:24.18 (3:03.01)

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