Upcoming Events

I just realized I really haven't posted anywhere about my specific racing plans for the year. This is partially due to the fact that my training isn't really geared towards one event right now, but mostly because I have been swamped. The goal of my coach right now is to get me faster at all distances, and while I have a goal marathon this October and a current goal time, that time isn't set in stone and the real goals lie a few years down the road. Everything I am doing right now is really just a building block for future marathon performances in a few years.

With that said my goal marathon this year is Columbus. I'm looking forward to racing a flat marathon again and with all of the recent PRs I am hoping to raise the bar quite a bit on my marathon performance.

In the meantime though I will be busy training, pacing, and racing the next 10 weeks until Columbus.

This week I am racing Twilight Trail with my new training partner NC. I won't be running all out, just treating it like a hard tempo.

This Sunday (August 16th) I will be racing the Perfect 10 Mile. I'd like to take the PR up a level. I have PR'ed every distance run so far this year, but they are all pretty much in line with each other. It would be nice for the 10 mile to step it up a notch.

August 30th I am pacing the 1:40 group at the Columbus Spirit Half Marathon

September 13th I am racing the Buckeye Half Marathon

September 19th I am pacing the 1:40 half marathon group at Air Force Marathon

September 26th I am pacing the 3:40 marathon group at Akron Road Runner Marathon

Not much time between all of that so pretty much every weekend I am not pacing or racing I am getting in a 20 miler. It will be a busy 10 weeks for sure!


Steph said...

My my! Those are some busy weeks ahead. Hey I'm planning to PR Columbus too... haha

Good luck with everything coming up. Looking forward to hearing about it!

solarsquirrel said...

Let me know how perfect 10 miler went today!!!