2009 Race Schedule

Trying to plan out the year so that racing and training are the most productive they can be. I've already had to bag on my planned ultra in July but if that is what it takes to get fast right now I am okay with it. The trails aren't going anywhere. Here is how things look right now. If anyone has input on the marathon choice my ears are open. My preference is for local and cheap. I don't want a repeat of Richmond last year, if for some reason weather is a major factor I'd like to be able to bag the race or turn it into a training run rather than waste myself trying to achieve the unachievable and then having no back up races to follow it up with.


Wednesday June 10th- Flag Day 5k
Sat June 20th- Whiskey Island Cross Country Relay 3K


Saturday July 4th- Aurora Run 5k
Saturday July 19th- Johnny Cake Jog 5 Miler


Possible Cross Country 5k or 8k early/mid August

Sunday August 16th- Perfect 10 Miler

Sunday August 30th- Possibility of pacing a half marathon


Sunday September 13th- Buckeye Half Marathon

Saturday September 19th- Pacing Air Force Half (1:40, 7:38 pace)
Saturday September 26th- Pacing Akron Full Marathon(3:40, 8:24 pace)


I'm debating the fall marathons. I'm really tempted to race Elyria November 1st because that gives a few extra weeks this summer to focus on speed, and it is more time between Akron and the fall race. But I can probably be persuaded into Columbus on the 18th of October and I think Towpath is iffy since it is 2 weeks after Akron and the soft surface isn't conducive to max speed, Columbus would be 3 weeks out, and Elyria 5 weeks.

I'd like to do the fall classic half November 22 depending on how the marathon goes.

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duchossois said...

You have only short stuff listed for June, July, and August, with no BT50k ad no Punxsy 50k. I know you are going to miss running them, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck!