Week 3 of Coached Training

Right now coach is dictating the desired paces on my long runs, tempo runs, and certain key runs during the week. He is also letting me know days where I should be treating the mileage like a recovery. Goal mileage right now is 55-60 mpw. I can run 6 days or 7, but no more than 10 miles in one run other than my long run day so if I want to do a 12 mile day during the week I need to split it up between 8 and 4 or 7 and 5. Long run right now is not to exceed 15 miles. This is working pretty well for me. I am aiming for running everyday but this week work caught up to me and Wednesday I had to take a day off from running. It worked out fine and I am sure my body and mind appreciated the break.

Run Down May 25th through May 31st (58 Miles)
Notes for the week-It was hot and humid early in the week but the weekend runs the temps were awesome! The trail run on Saturday was a nice little break, went with my old trail running buddies and just enjoyed the day, very easy pace, walking many of the hills.
Saturday night did some (brief) core exercises and light weights, no yoga this week because of scheduling conflicts.

Monday- 5.25 easy run 8:30 pace
Tuesday- 8 miles AM 7:29 pace (Note I am not a morning person!)
Thursday-4 Miles recovery AM 8:38 pace
Track Workout PM 8.25 Miles
Friday-8.25 miles recovery with CV 8:17 Pace
Saturday- Gorgeous Easy Muddy Trail Run 9.4 miles (So good to be back on the Buckeye Trail!)
Sunday- 15 mile long run 7:32 pace

Key Workouts:

No Tempo this week, but Tuesday coach had me keep the pace under 8 minute miles. The run went fine but it is definitely harder for me to run that pace in the morning during the week than it is to do it at lunch. Work dictated that I had to get this run in early or not at all so I sucked it up and woke up early.

Moved track to Thursday because of conflicts BB and I had.

I did a little bit of an easy warm up (1.25) before the crew got there then we got to work

Mile warm up 7:34
4*100 strides/100 recoveries

Ladder Workout Out. Coach wanted me to aim for 6:20 the first mile then pace had to be equal or better for each following interval. Last mile is just a good hard effort, not necessarily the pace we held on the intervals. Did the workout with BB and Solar so my rests were a little longer, their a little shorter.

1600: 6:15, about 3 minute recovery jog
1200: 4:35, 3:24 recovery
800: 2:58, 2:42 recovery
400: 1:26, 1:54 recovery
400: 1:22, lap recovery (4:28)

1600 Good Hard Effort: 6:18 (Same as 3 weeks ago)

I was pretty whipped after this workout! It was Humid!

800 meter cool down Slow!

Long Run:
Coach has me aiming for low 8s on the long runs for now. Problem with that and the Sunday SERC group is the people I like to run with are just a hair faster than that and I am like a chameleon I am just drawn into their pace rather than running on my own. But I felt really good this morning and it was beautiful out. Ran most of the run with Frank and CK. Had two new runners show up which was great.

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duchossois said...

You're heading for a great year...and beyond. It was nice running with you today. What a beautiful morning.