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As runners we all love our free schwag. Well one of the perks of pacing for Jim has been some sweet gear and shoes for most races I have paced. I haven't bought a pair of running shoes in two years between the shoes I received for pacing and the few won racing trails. I certainly can't complain, the pacing gig has been good for my running wardrobe. Although it's funny I haven't had the same pair of shoes or brand of shoes in quite awhile so I do feel a little lost now that I am going to be in need of a new shoe soon, so many to choose from!

This year Jim got the pacing team a sweet gig with Under Armour. In a push to promote their running line UA created Team UA Runs with about 600 athletes of all levels promoting and racing in UA gear. (I even got featured in one of their blog posts for pacing!) As pacers we received some team uniforms and credit to purchase some additional gear and I have to say everything is fantastic!

UA just started making running shoes so I was a bit nervous about them but I wore my pair of UA apparitions for the Cinci Flying Pig marathon with no issues and I am alternating those with another pair of shoes as my main training shoes right now. I've been using the apparitions for track workouts and my long runs with no problems. I like teh footseleeve and found it similar to the New Balance trail shoes I have and adore. I'm not that picky about shoes though so go check them out yourself and see what you think!

I just wanted to highlight a few of the items that I am absolutely in love with here in case you are looking to stock your summer running wardrobe. I love these pieces so much I actually purchased a few additional pieces after using up my credit in different colors. UA technical clothes really are top notch! Guys these are really all womens pieces, but I am sure their mens line also offers some awesome technical gear.

My favorite piece of gear so far is the Women's UA Momentum Tank. It is a fitted tank with an awesome comfy sports bra inside and a zipped pocket on the side. It is so comfy. The length is great, no riding up. I just love it. I got one in black and blue.

I also like the Women's UA Momentum Sleeveless. Also got great length (no donut flashing) and it's cute and light. I have two in hot pink (didn't realize it was the same thing that came with our UA Team gear). I raced in this at the Run for the Border and looked totally hot with my teammate also done up in hot pink!

Since I have been running pretty much everyday I was really in need of some additional sports bras. I ended up getting two orginal sports bras and one of their duplicity bras and I love them all. I managed to score the duplicity in hot pink but it looks like now they only have blue. Ladies if you don't need a ton of extra support up top (A/B) check out these sports bras and fitted tanks. I just love them.

The other item I really like is their Women's UA Momentum 2" Short just the right length and quite comfy. I raced the Cleveland half in these and loved them. Only complaint is no key pocket, but there is a pocket in the back and when worn with my fitted tank I don't need the additional key pocket.

Anyways I've been meaning to share this exciting news for awhile but I have just been swamped getting caught up around here. Suffice it to say I have felt pretty spiffy running around town in all the new technical gear this spring.

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