Week 5 of Coached Training

This week was adjusted to accommodate the Flag Day 5k Wednesday night. Coach hadn't planned for any tempo like effort Friday but I pushed him to give me something to do with Salty. I pushed a little hard on Thursday during the easy run and my quads are definitely barking at me. Note to self, you aren't invincible. Took it easy on the long run to try and recover a bit but still get in the mileage for the week.

Officially decided I am racing Columbus this fall, but we aren't going to focus on marathon training yet. Still need to build up my strength so I can handle quality and mileage.

57.5 miles for the week

Monday-7 miles easy, 8:25 pace
Tuesday-4 miles at the track including one mile warm up at 7:30 and 4*100 strides, the rest easy
Wednesday- Almost 8 miles with the warm up, cool down, and race
Thursday-8 miles, 8 minute pace, worked a bit on the hills, probably shouldn't have!
Friday-10 miles, 7:23 pace with 8 in the middle aiming for 7:20 or better with the last two miles progressively faster (7:19 7:13 7:04 7:05 6:59 7:01 6:50 6:53)
Saturday-5.25 miles 9:26 pace
Sunday- 15 miles, 8:09 pace

Thursday night did yoga and Sunday worked in the yard planting and mowing etc. Nasty sun burn, ouch! I need to start adding back in pushups and core work, I have been slacking.

Key Workouts:

Flag Day 5k:

I think the race went well. First sub 19 is in the bank. Hopefully it will just get faster from here.


This workout kicked my butt. I don't know if it was residual soreness from yoga, the race, and Thursday or what but this workout was harder than it should've been. Ran at NC with Salty so maybe it was a bit of the rollers too, but the last two miles I felt like I was going to fall apart, actually surprised I finished the workout in one piece given how I felt at mile 6 (like toast). The uphill finish was excrutiating.

Long Run:

Just ran relaxed. Let the group go so I wouldn't be tempted to run harder and just had a nice conversational long run. It's amazing this run happened with the morning nonsense before it. I forgot my shoes (thankfully had old shoes in the trunk I have been meaning to take to good will), my garmin locked up (and died at mile 9) and I hit the snooze way too many times.


duchossois said...

"This workout kicked my butt. I don't know if it was residual soreness from yoga, the race, and Thursday or what"
Ummm...you ran your a55 off at the race on Wednesday evening, so, yes..that might have done it.

DaisyDuc said...

Fantastic Flag Day Race...you will get that sub 6 next time!!