Week 4 of Coached Training

Still working on getting speedy and so far so good. Had a good track workout this week and tempo run. Not sure if it was the nice weather or a mini fitness breakthrough but everything was faster without additional effort.

Run Down June 1st through June 7th(59 Miles)
Monday: 7.66 miles 8:10 pace
Tuesday: Track 8.13 miles
Wednesday: 7.17 miles 8:03 pace
Thursday: Tempo Run total 8.12 miles 7:26 pace
Friday: 7.78 miles 8:00 pace
Saturday: Rest (Cleaning House and Partying with College Friends)
Sunday: AM 15 Mile Long Run 7:39 pace
PM 5.38 recovery run 9:12 pace

Key Workouts:

5 by 1000 aiming for 6 minute pace or better. What coach didn't tell me is that if I hadn't hit paces I would have had to do a hard mile at the end. I did hit the paces but assumed I would have the mile at the end so he let me do a tempo mile instead of straight to a cool down since I felt fine, but he didn't want me to push it.

3 laps easy

one mile warm up 7:31

4*100 strides

5*1000 with 2 min rest aiming for 6 minute pace or better (3:45) Ran with Hawthorne

3:43.35 (2:03.65)
3:42.24 (2:01.87)
3:43.08 (2:06.68)
3:41.54 (2:02.74)
3:40.41 (5:48.69)

One mile tempo: 6:54.84

3 lap cool down

Tempo: (Or you know you are getting fit when you almost PR your 5 mile during a tempo workout)

Ran on Marginal with CV. Temps were perfect! The wind was absolutely nuts on the way out but at our backs on the way back for once :)

Aimed to make the 3rd and 4th miles faster (we did 2.5 out and 2.5 back) From mile 3 on CV pulled ahead, she ran around 6:20 for the 4th and 6:24 for the last with slowing down the last 50 meters.

I'd give most of the credit for the faster pace to the wind but we did do 3:15 on that first half of mile 3 into the wind...

800 splits:
3:15.10 (still into the wind!)

Mile totals:
Total time: 33:18 Only 5 seconds off my 5 mile PR at Malachi :)

Long Run:

Definitely had a few too many Saturday night with my friends and I was feeling it for Sundays long run. I brought my handheld to help hydrate and just got it done. Started to feel better later in the run but wasn't quite able to keep up with the group this time around. A little slower than last week but still under 8 so a good workout.


Kevin said...

Great speedwork... 1k intervals are my favorite kind of track work. Nice job, and still a good pace for your long run.

Irene said...

Just stopping by to say hello!

The coached training is looking good!

Kate said...

Nice work! Sounds like this coaching is going great.

Brian said...

Awesome Liz! Lot's of running and getting faster!