Fun May and June Photos

Finally Attached the Rain Barrel to the Garage. Completely full after one storm.

Front Bed full of Pansies and my pots I am attempting to start seeds in.

The neighbor saw me using my push reel mower and gifted me a manual edger so I went to town on the edges of our yard.



That is a lot of lawn that was hanging over the sidewalk!

College friends came to visit Ohio for the weekend

HB Telling stories

HB and LP

Me and HB. I miss them already!

David and I after the flag day race. I threw my race shirt on because I was all sweaty and we realized we both had flags on!


Sensationally Red said...

I like hearing about your green efforts. Do you compost?

Jennifer Godale said...

I love your rain barrel! Aurora has this crazy zoning that all gutters MUST be attached to the sewers. Grumpy neighbor would totally turn me in!

Last year I used my manual edger and had some awesome edging that lasted about a month! And it was hard work! This year I am just letting it grow :) Maybe I'll have energy another time!

Sun Runner said...

I FINALLY got my push reel mower late last week and yesterday I took it on its maiden voyage over my scruffy lawn. It was SO much fun! It works extremely well, and of course is blissfully quiet and odor-free. Plus I got a great workout. My heart was beating as fast as it had on my five-mile run earlier that morning. I can't wait to mow my lawn again (there's a phrase I never thought I would say).

E-Speed said...

Hey Red, We do compost! I put my first batch into the bed I made by the fence. I had forgotten to include that in my green post :)

E-Speed said...

I absolutely love my push reel mower and I too look forward to mowing now!

E-Speed said...

Jennifer that sucks! More and more cities are realizing the benefits of encouraging home owners to detach from the system and use rain barrels or rain gardens so that the sewers don't get overloaded during storms. Euclid is actually promoting rain barrel use now.

I wonder if you would be allowed to do it as long as you directed the overflow back into the system?