Marathon Weekend Photos

My awesome parents after Friday night Dinner.

Group Photo after dinner. Pasta for many was lukewarm, not an ideal pre race dinner.

Mile 2. It's muggy out here!

Mile 18. Bring on the cola!

Mile 25. Is this thing over yet?

Not a great day.

Tough SERC Chicks

Not as fun with out my partner in crime Solar Squirrel. But still not too shabby, at least that hard training paid off in one way, no sore quads! Expect a repeat of this with Solar after Boston!

Two PRs despite the conditions. One small PR (me) and one Huge PR for MJ

Posing with 3 Monkeys (This restaurant was awesome!)


duchossois said...

Thanks for posting the photos. I love the 'Sad SERC Sisters' photo...too funny.

Cliff said...


i read your race report. What a race..with all the ups and downs. Way to at the end reel in those girls :o). So close to the podium.

Btw, those are great pics. Hope you are done for the season..time to take a break :)

Racn4acure said...

Hey congratulations! I was out of town for that weekend but had a number of friends in that race, and they all talked about the tough conditions. You must be a very good runner to post that time, it is great. Good luck in future races.

DaisyDuc said...

Looks like you kids still had fun there despite it all!

Shawn said...

adorable pictures - thanks for sharing! :)

Grellan said...

Well done on Pr'ing on a tough Course and day.It never gets easy and the mental battle is always tough. congrats!

rinus said...

Concrats whit the marathon and a good time run.
Nice pics..
Groet Rinus.