Weekly Rundown November 3rd through the 9th

Less than a week to go! Full taper mode now which is nice! I am already feeling more like my energetic self.

Monday- 7 miles at lunch 8:13 pace, probably a little quick for a recovery run but was having fun and felt good

Tuesday- 8 miles with 8*25 second strides with Daisy at lunch

Wednesday- A little over 6 miles at lunch. Attempted a track effort in the flats but blew up a bit mentally a little over half way through it and called it a day. No need to pressure myself this late in the game.

Thursday- A little over 5 miles with the DOT group. Downtown was crazy with Browns fans everywhere.

Friday- A little over 5 miles with 10*25 second strides

Saturday- 13 miles 8:00 pace, last 3 at marathon pace, was a little quick 7:11, 7:06, 7:05 but in the ball park and it felt good. Just have to be careful at Richmond not to get complacent and not to push too hard early on

Sunday- Car died so I had to do a bit over 5 on my own

50 miles for the week


Kevin said...

uhhh, your taper week is 50 miles? wow!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how you do at Richmond...really rooting for you E!

duchossois said...

Nice taper week. I like your comment on Wednesday, "No need to pressure myself this late in the game." That's the right attitude. Too bad about the car...I hope its not going to cost you too much.

Steph said...

GO Elizabeth!!!

(P.S. Like the white - so much easier on the eyes!)

iliketoast said...

It is all ticking along nicely. Good Luck for Richmond.

Love2Run said...

Have a great race, you've done the wotk, so now can reap the reward!

duchossois said...

I forgot to mention how much I prefer the new look. Much easier on the eyes.

Runner Susan said...

50 miles for a taper? Holy cow.