Weekly Run Down October 27th through November 2nd

One more solid week in the Richmond Marathon Bank.

Monday- 6 mile recovery run
Tuesday- 9 mile run with track intervals (5*600). It was hailing and pitch black by the time I started my 600s. Had to go to the middle school track which sucks. Times weren't stellar but I got it done.
Wednesday- Rest. No motivation whatsoever, I don't like the dark or the cold!
Thursday-AM:12 miles at lunch 8:05 pace. 7 of it with Daisy. I felt great, glad I waited to do the run Thursday.
PM: 3.5 mile recovery run
Friday-6 mile recovery run
Saturday-17 mile run at NC, 8:16 pace. Beautiful morning for a run, ran with CV and Daisy. Legs felt toasted but paces weren't bad, last three miles all sub 8 despite tree trunk legs.
Sunday- A little over 11 miles. 5 at a hard tempo pace-6:42 "Raced" myself to the water stop, legs were toast, could have been the 17 miles, but more likely the three glasses of wine on Saturday

Week Total: 65 miles

Now it is taper time! I am feeling great. Did 7 miles yesterday at lunch and my recovery paces are finally under 9 :) The weather has been great ever since our little arctic storm so I am hoping it stays nice for Richmond. On the straight and narrow until the marathon, no alcohol, and no junk food. Now if the race could just get here already!


Lloyd said...

What, no beer? Why go changing the routine now?

Good luck with your final preparations.

duchossois said...

I think you're right to stay away from alcohol until after the race. Of course, after the race, you can make up for lost time. ;-)