Weekly Run Down- The Sloth Weeks of winter

Well instead of spending an ungodly amount of money to revenge my marathon attempt I decided to stick with the original plan of slothdom post marathon. Typically I jump right back into things so I figured after a pretty steady 2 years it was time for a few weeks of just doing whatever the heck I wanted. Turns out when left to my own devices and with no plan, that pretty much means being a lazy bum!

I'll slowly be getting back into the swing of things this month. I apparently injured my calf at some point between the marathon and now because it was thrashed after the turkey trot and had felt a little off on the Appalachian trail. It is getting better, but not 100%, so I'll have to be a bit more cautious ramping things up again. Nothing big on the horizon other than Boston so if I have to take time to heal, this is as good of a time as any.

November 17th-23rd
Tuesday- Short Crossfit workout- 55 pushups and 55 sit ups
Wednesday- ~2.5 mile run to and from hair appointment
Thursday-Saturday- Rest/Crewing for JFK
Sunday- 60 easy minutes on the Appalachian trail, took it slow and took some photos, great day to be out on the trail (unlike Saturday when I was freezing my butt off crewing for the race!)

November 24th-30th
Wednesday- Goofed around on my parents Wii Fit. Apparently I am unbalanced.
Thursday- Turkey Trot 10k, 41:29, 18th out of 2660 women, 4th in AG, calf seriously unhappy after this, ~2 mile cool down to run in my sister. More goofing around on the Wii Fit.
Friday- 30 minute walk at the park and about 45 minutes goofing around on the Wii Fit including yoga, pushups, lunges etc.
Saturday- A little less than an hour on the Wii Fit
Sunday- Rest


solarsquirrel said...

Wii DOES NOT count as exercise.
hee hee

Kevin said...

Good to see you getting back out there...and go easy with that calf muscle.

E-Speed said...

I don't know, I did a bunch of pushups, situps, leg lifts, and yoga poses. I was actually sore the next day!

E-Speed said...

Plus I found the way it tracked your balance during all of the exercises fascinating. I shake a lot! And I was better at most of the exercises on one leg than the other which obviously means I need to work on evening things out!

Joann said...

Hope the calf feels better soon.

duchossois said...

The Sloth Weeks sound like fun...Wii!!!! When I read the title, I pictured you laying on the couch in pajamas, under a blanket, eating salt and vinegar chips out of the bag, sipping a beer.
I am looking into the crossfit workouts too. Don';t know if I'll go there, but I might.