Tempo with a Tailwind

I still haven't learned that lesson about checking the wind forecast when planning a tempo downtown but I lucked out yesterday and the winds changed direction! I wasn't too worried since it is taper time and I had an "easy" 8 miles at 6:40 on tap so I figured even if the winds were a little strong on the back half I should be able to suck it up and hit the pace. Lucky me the headwinds were on the way out. About 2.5 miles into the wind around 6:40 and then it was time to fly back to Cleveland effortlessly. By mile 8 of the run including warm up I was already averaging below 6:40 with pretty minimal effort. I put in another mile at tempo effort and jogged it in. Now that is how to cash in on windy weather on tempo day :) If only Boston could have a tailwind again this year!

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