Blast from the past and looking to the future

What's that? Yeah I never did get around to a 2011 recap and I would just move forward without one but I think it was a year worth remembering. Turning 30 seems to be a big milestone and despite some setbacks and lows, 2011 had a lot of high points too. Lots of life changes between October of 2011 and now that I might at some point discuss here but for now let's focus on the running.

2011 was set to be the year of the marathon OTQ, not just for me but for many aspiring sub elites. Unfortunately for me it was not in the cards. Fortunately for me life moves on, OTQ or not!

Despite being stubborn and trying to race several times while less than 100% I did walk away from 2011 with an awesome 10 mile race, a Boston best, and a solid fall marathon. I also ran some solid 5k and 5 mile races while competing against some of the most stacked fields I have ever been privileged to race with. It was no 2010, but it was special in its own right.

At some point during the year running became a detraction from life, it became negative, and it lost it's fun. I think the official break down can be charted back to the week or so before the Indy Women's half. I did the unthinkable, in my mind, and lost myself somewhere along the way. I always prided myself on being above that. I thought "no matter how fast I get I will never become a shell of myself". But unfortunately I was not above that, and I did become a shell of myself. Thankfully the rock bottom was followed up with some self discovery and a renewal of my love of running, and racing, and the marathon. I was forced to make other pieces of my life a bigger priority and that allowed me to see that I can still pursue running excellence without losing myself in it.

I learned a lot from 2011 and I am hopeful that I can take those lessons and make 2012 my best year yet. I have a feeling my 30s are going to treat me well and I have high hopes that my running will continue to improve! Let's hope that holds true at Boston next week and see if I can run my 7th consecutively faster Boston!

In the meantime life hasn't slowed down at all and I have taken on some roles in the running community this year above my racing. I am once again president of my local running club and I am helping out on Salty Running this year as Pepper! The posts there will likely be a bit more personal and less Type A training, so don't worry you will still get typical E-Speed posts here, but if you are looking for more "spicy posts" definitely tune into SR. I'm also still really jazzed about being a apart of CED this year and working with Nike, Keyes, and Fleet Feet to run my best! I seriously think that my team of body experts has finally started to figure out the puzzle that is my wonky hip :) Lots going on and all good. Thanks as always for reading!


Robin said...

I look forward to reading all about your adventures in runnin, Elizabeth!

The Salty One said...

Love you! It was a challenging year, but a growthful one! You made it to the other side and 2012 is seeming pretty darn amazing because of it!!!