Boston Quickie

Get your mind out of the gutter ;) This is just a quick post to say, uggh I don't have a post yet! Life does not stop just because of the Boston Marathon and I had obligations to get a post up on Salty Running first! But never fear I will have a detailed report up here and yes I will have much more to say about the race! But if you are jonesing for a recap I do have one up at Salty Running!

In the meantime this will double as last weeks rundown and a few quick pics/stats/shout outs!

I somehow did get in 30 miles despite taking some unplanned days off and shifting things around a bit due to travel.

30 miles, 5 days running, one mini track workout, and an up-tempoish run in Jamaica Plains! Add in a massage and some fun times with friends and that's the brief summary of all training last week!

I finally met ILikeToast! And even got to party with him and some really fast Australian marathoner Saturday before the race!

Huge shout out to all my Cleveland/NE Ohio friends who raced Monday. We didn't all have killer days but everyone did great in the heat and tackled yet another Boston marathon!

Special shout out to my roomie Barb Broad who dominated her age group again!And my high school friend Mylene killed her first Boston and only 3rd marathon coming only 3 minutes shy of her personal best despite the heat and no hill training!

And big shout out to Kam Lee for staying tough and gritting it out for top Ohioan at Boston again. Pretty cool to have SERC place top Ohioan on the male and female side! Kam was 9th in his age group too which is no joke at Boston!

CED killed it too, Barb, Lizzie, and I had great races and we were part of the SERC women's team who managed to be in the top 10 teams at Boston!

 Many many thanks to Kurt and Janine for kindly letting us stay with them in Jamaica Plains Saturday night! And for feeding us and having some relaxed chill time before all the race weekend frivolities!

Many thanks to my boyfriend for treating our room of marathoners like Diva's. Treating us to waters, Nuun's, ice, schlepping our bags around, fetching me wine etc all weekend.  We were very spoiled!

And a little something you didn't get to see on Salty Running! Very happy Ohio finishers!


Anonymous said...

You did SO well given the conditions (I know you are capable of much faster, but your placing = wow!). Your reports always look like so much fun, I want to borrow you for a marathon pacer!

Elizabeth Hiser said...

Thanks Kristin! Knowing is half the battle :)

But seriously I think that is a big difference between current E-Speed and E-Speed of the past. I used to get so caught up in that final time result. Now I am much more comfortable knowing I had a fabulous performance regardless of the time. I won't say this one was perfect, but I will say based on the conditions, my training etc. that I pretty much nailed this one and I am most definitely very proud of that!

I am definitely thinking a pace job is in order soon. I just have to figure out timing etc :) I was actually thinking NYC would be a blast if Cliff Bar will have me!

Babs said...

What would we have done without Dave in Boston?? He's the best!!

Gary Cattarin said...

Hi Elizabeth!

It's the ice man - remember the bag of ice at mile 9? I promised you a photo op at mile 16 but sadly my wife missed, sorry no good pic to share. 'twas nice linking up with you for those miles.

Congrats on your race - you put over two minutes on me in the late miles! We survived, that's all that matters! Debating doing Buffalo so as not to put all that training to waste...

Drop by and read my initial blog post on the race - - another one coming probably later tonight. You can email me from there, drop me a line.

Gary - #1520