Marathon Week Track Workout

Last night we headed to the track for the last "workout" before the race. I've gotten used to feeling fantastic on this workout. It is just 2 miles at marathon pace followed by 4*200. It's over quickly, and it's fun, and the pace feels so easy compared to the normal 5k paced stuff we do!

Well last night mother nature decided to make marathon pace feel a little harder. From lovely weather every day last week we showed up to the track in snow and around 36ish (don't ask me how that works but it was snowing). I hate doing anything fast in layers and it took the entire first mile for my little legs to loosen up and my lungs to agree with the pace. But we got it done, 2 miles at 12:50 followed by 4*200 at 41, 40, 40, 39. Here's hoping fast feels a lot easier in Boston on Monday once I am in buns and a singlet! (We all know despite extended forecasts being completely unreliable that I have sadly already looked at the weather for Monday and that singlet may get demoted to a sports bra if the predicted temps hold true) From snow to summer in less than 7 days. Welcome to the midwest!


Andrea said...

Good luck at Boston! I am the cheering squad this year, so I will make sure to look for you. MP will definitely feel easier on Monday...keep your confidence up! You've had great training!

Keen Bean Company said...

I love this pic of you - captures your spirit perfectly :)

allanjel said...

Ahh, trying to give new meaning to the term "minimalist running" with the buns and sports bra I see :)