Belated Weekly Run Down and Mileage Bummer

I've been pretty focused on just doing what I want every day workout wise the past few weeks, trying to be nice to the calf and foot. I ran every week day last week light and easy and it wasn't too bad, but I took the weekend off. 5 runs 24 miles. And one night I did an easy hour of trainer riding which was a riot as we played 90s music and had a lot of fun.

I'm focusing on getting in some extra "pampering" time and really massaging the calf and foot (and any other tight spots that crop up) everyday and doing some strengthening exercises for the lower body. Monday I head to the PT to see what else I can be doing to get a clean bill of health and get back up and running more frequently here soon!

In order to hit 3000 miles for the year I would have to run 10 miles a day starting today. Looks like I will have to settle for a little less this year. But I am excited to say my body really feels like it is appreciating the cross training and rest. I just get this feeling that it is ready to really get after it in 2012 and is going to reward my recovery time with some seriously fast races!

I've come a long way this year and can't believe what a healthy frame of mind I am in given I am not running like I would like to be! Really enjoying the cross training when I can get it and definitely feel like my body needed the rest!


The Salty One said...

That's about what I need to hit 3000 too! I would say, "let's do it!!!" but I rather we're both healthy and sane starting the new year so let's just see what happens and be happy with the sh*t-ton of miles we did log :)

Black Knight said...

The cross training is always a good solution. Happy Christmas.