Physical Therapy

So clearly my body has been giving me the finger a bit since a bit before Boston this year. I stubbornly trained through it all and was able to pull off some great results, but I am committed to fixing my body in 2012 before ramping back up. In keeping with that effort I started PT this week. The first appointment was great. The workouts are tough but I think they will make a huge difference.

Essentially we think I have a slight sciatica issue and it is running down the entire left leg causing the left hip, left lower back, left hamstring, left calf, and left PF issues. Who knew? My entire left side is slightly smaller than the right and definitely weaker. I'll be focusing on core exercises, balancing, range of motion, strength type stuff to get the left leg back in line with the right ASAP!

I am really excited to see how this goes. I have always had the wonky left hip and some lower back issues so I am interested to see how focusing on my lower core all the time will play out. If I can run a 2:51:59 with one leg I can't wait to see what I can run with two ;)

In the meantime the shoulder issues cropped back up and they are BAD and seem to be pinching a nerve in my neck! Ouch! So I need to give myself some TLC the next few days while home visiting family and might have to put PT and training off a few more days or more. Bummed but optimistic this will heal too quickly if I behave.


Black Knight said...

I hope you get well soon.
Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Kim said...

i started PT too - core, stretching, strength, electronic stim. heres to hoping we get better in the new year. happy holidays E!