Week 3 of recovery

AKA awwe crap C'Bus is coming up too fast!

Last week started out pretty promising, the foot felt great on all easy lunch runs. Unfortunately it was sore racing Saturday, but despite that I got in a long run Sunday and it, for whatever reason, just stopped hurting later that afternoon and hasn't made much of a peep since. My calves however were big old knots that my ART guy mercilessly turned to jello Monday AM. And then my body decided to go to war with me, it started Wednesday night and I managed to keep things mostly at bay through Sunday (sheer willpower I guess). I have spent most of the last 4 days curled up in the fetal position. Lying on the floor at work wondering if I will be capable of driving myself home is not exactly how I pictured this week that should have been some decent training! Uggh.

But this is a summary of last week!

I got in 6 runs, 4 pain free!

1 swim and 1 yoga class.

I overslept Wednesday AM being out late at the Foo Fighters concert and never managed to squeeze in a bike or spin. :(

Despite physically feeling like absolute crap I am still feeling upbeat and looking forward to having fun October 16th in whatever capacity I can!


iliketoast said...

Your birthday isn't far away! Forgot to mention that :)

E-Speed said...

Oh I have plans in the work! They may or may not involve a tiara :)

allanjel said...

That's it, I am brining a walker to C-bus for you after the marathon ;)