Road to Recovery Week 1&2

Well I think this road to mental and physical recovery may be one of those two steps forward one steps back kind :) I'm getting treatment for the foot and I have had some pain free runs and pain free days, but I have also had setback days. So here is a quick rundown of the last two weeks. Gory details on the running log. The ART really seems to be helping the foot, the cheering and social shenanigans do not :( But they are mentally refreshing!

Week 1:
Run: 1 easy trail run Monday during which I decided it was time to rest and fix the body
Swim: 2 swims totaling 5100 meters
Bike: 1 ride 30 miles
Yoga: 1* 75 minute class
Massage: 1* 75 minute full body massage
ART: 1 free ART treatment on the foot at CP
Time on feet: CP Ironman Cheering

Week 2:
Run: 5 easy runs (one a little up tempo for 27 minutes)
Swim: 2 swims totaling 3200 meters
Bike: 2 easy bike rides and one spin class
Yoga: 1* 60 minute yoga class
Strength: Started doing a lunge warm up before runs and the Myrtle cool down after
ART: 1 ART session on the foot
Time on Feet:
Ingenuity Fest Friday Night
NC 24 Hour Cheering
Clean Fest 2011 at the house (AKA Make way the in laws are coming to town this weekend!)

I'm making it my goal from now on to get in a minimum of the following cross training and mental/physical recovery regardless of race goals:

1 swim a week
1 bike/spin a week
1 yoga class a week
1 full recovery day every 2 weeks (one run free day)
1 long trail run on the weekends
1 massage every month (2 a month during heavy training)
ART sessions whenever an injury crops up, not after months of dealing with it!


Kim said...

sounds like an excellent recovery schedule so far E - take care of that body of yours!

iliketoast said...

Great program