So Many Posts so Little Time

I have so much to say here and no time to say it! Posts are brewing in my head but I have no time to spit them out :)

Busy at work and busy at home getting the house ready for a week long visit from the in-laws next week! And wouldn't you know it cross training takes up quite a bit of time too!

But I don't want anyone out there to worry about me so here is a quickie!

I am feeling happier than I have in a long time!
Cross training has been great for me mentally and physically!
I ran this week and it was glorious! (albeit slow!)
I am getting ART on my foot and it really seems to be responding!
I am closer and closer to 100% healthy each day!

Oh and have I mentioned fall is my favorite season? I am so glad I can get in some easy runs as I was worried I would miss out on all the fall fun this year!

Thanks for all the positive vibes! They are very much appreciated!


Kate said...

Yay! I'm smiling all over :)

iJuls said...

Yay, E! It all sounds good.