Glowstick Dancing Cowbell Girl

I've got the Moves like Elaine (from Seinfeld!) (Sort of like Jagger, but much less suave)

Last weekend a few of my buddy's and a total of around 200 people were running in circles around Edgewater for 24 hours. Yep that's right 24 hours of running a .9ish mile paved loop on the shores of Lake Erie! Sound nuts? Yep I agree! But I am all about supporting my nutso friends with my energetic cheering ways!

After a long day of cleaning and accompanying Salty on her 12 mile run (8 on my bike and 4 running with her to wrap it up) I took a quick power nap then it was off to Edgewater to cheer in the dark. I arrived to find some local friends at the Vertical Runner tent rocking out. I came wielding glow stick flashlights and we proceeded to cheer/dance/rave those runners on from 12:30 to the 9 am finish. I got many comments that I should be running the event with all of my energy. But I am rather certain I had more fun dancing and cheering than I would running around in circles all night :)

The last hour was rather exciting as local super star Connie Gardner came within a mile of breaking the national record and we spread out all around the course to encourage her. I grabbed a cowbell and proceeded to make as much noise cheering the last 30 minutes as possible. My ears are still ringing!

Not sure what those runners thought of us, some of the crews weren't too happy as they tried to cat nap through the night, but I know if I was running around in the dark I would want people to be making some noise! If you are in Cleveland next year for the weekend of the event and want to witness something a little different I recommend it! We had a blast!


Irene said...

Cleveland? My niece just moved there for a job! I'll have to inform her of this particular run... Yes, she IS a runner. :)

Janet Edwards said...

I am certain that your cheering was bound to help some of those runners!