Finding My Inner Self

Got back to yoga last night for the first time in FOREVER! I've always found run fitness to be superior to swim or cycling fitness, as when I neglect swimming or cycling but I am running I seem to come back to those sports right where I left off. Well the same does not apply for yoga. My run fitness left me sweating with the masses last night. And this morning my arms feel pretty worked from all the planks and chaturangas. Clearly my body has been missing out on some much needed work in other areas, and my mind hasn't been that clear in a long time.

I tend to live inside my head. I worry, fret, assume, and over think pretty much everything. So you can imagine I love a yoga class where I have nothing to focus on but my breathing and listening to my body. (And this is where we ask, well then why the heck haven't you been making time for this all along?)

Last nights class the instructor asked us to think about ourselves and if there was something in us that was holding us back, something that wasn't allowing us to do what we pleased. The obvious answer would be my foot right now :) But I think there are some other things in there too. I certainly didn't figure it out last night in one 75 minute class, and I am sure a sports psychologist would need quite a few sessions to figure out all my neurosis, but I do think I need to take this time off to really think about what it is I want, and why within the past nine months I have found my body breaking down more than I'd like, and found myself an emotional mess a few too many times. I need to remember that everything I do should be done for me, and that as long as I am doing what makes me happy that is all that matters, no matter what that is.

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