Transition Week and 1st Week of training for Columbus

Seeing as we had a tough week with a mile time trial followed by a hard track workout resulting in a blown tempo followed by a 5 mile race coach decided we could use a transition week before hopping on the marathon training wagon. AKA we threatened with mutiny if we didn't get a break ;)

Careful what you ask for I guess. I know rest periods are needed, but I always seem to come out of them feeling lackluster and seem to respond better to just piling it on. Who knows why. I know the break was necessary physically and mentally. With no real break after Boston followed by 12 weeks of hard training and racing in the heat I was due. But as the stats show that first track workout back after break was rough. I just fell completely off the map and coach was not happy with my effort composure etc. Time to get my head back on straight! (I do think I redeemed the effort with a hard workout the following day, a successful tempo, and a long run done solo all in a row)

Transition Week Goals:

Total Mileage 35 - 40.

Tuesday: Track. Easy session
Thursday: No Tempo run
Every other day easy.
Long run: 12 miles

Marathon Week 1 Goals:
Total Mileage 60 - 65.

Tuesday: Track (5*1600 with 90 sec rest targeting 5:55 to 6:00)
Thursday: Tempo run 7 miles @ 6:30.
Long run 16 miles @ 7:20.
Wednesday or Friday easy day 10 miles @ 8:10 or slower.
2 days easy.
1 day 7:20 - 7:40 pace

How it played out:

Transition week I took advantage of the lack of workouts and hit the trails with friends and just tried to enjoy the runs I did and veg out on the days I didn't run.

36 miles

M- Rest
T- Track 9 miles 7:34 pace with 2 miles of stride 100 jog 100
W- Rest
Th- Trails 7.7 miles
F- 7.5 miles 8:34 pace
Sat- 12 miles 7:32 pace
Sun- Rest (Cheering at a rainy cold triathlon)

Marathon week 1 (AKA Crazy madness week)

Monday-8 miles easy 8:23 pace
Tuesday- 9.58 miles with 5*1600 last two were 6:27 and 6:23 rest were 5:55-5:56
Wednesday- 8 miles with xc kids including 21 minutes of running out and backs under 6 minute pace on xc course
Thursday- 11 miles with 7 miles at 6:25 pace
Friday- 16 miles at 7:17 pace solo
Saturday- no official running, worked burning river, got in a few sprints during the day though taking care of problems :). Hiked 4.1 miles clearing markers from midnight to 2 am.
Sunday- 10 miles 8:19 pace in the afternoon

Just shy of 63 miles.

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Janet Edwards said...

Well for crazy madness week, it seems as tho you can still get it all done!