Columbus Marathon 2010 Training week 4

Weekly Goal:

Total Mileage 70 - 75.

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo run 2 miles @ 6:40, 5 miles @ 6:20
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 18 miles @ 7:00.
10 miles @ 6:40.

How it played out: 77 miles

Monday 8.2 at 8:20
Tuesday 10.0 with track
Wednesday AM 8.2 at 8:25
Lunch 5.3 at 8:16 with 6*100 strides
Thursday 10.0 with tempo
Friday 5.4 at 8:45ish (forgot garmin)
Saturday 12.0 at 6:43 (10 at 6:31)
Sunday 18.0 at 6:58

Knew when I got the weeks workouts it would be tough. Basically jumping to 4 hard days while getting the mileage back up there. Thankfully the weather this week was not nearly as hot and humid as it has been.

Tuesday's track workout went well:

400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 all at 85 seconds per 400 with rest at half of the intervals time length

1:25.45 (43.89)
2:49.00 (1:26.30)
4:14.20 (2:09.70)
5:38.45 (2:49.85)
4:12.28 (2:10.57)
2:46.18 (1:26.52)

Thursdays tempo was another struggle. Not sure it is a coincidence that after having a kickass track workout I struggled with the tempo. Goal was 7 miles, 2@6:40 followed by 5 at 6:20. The new course we have been running on has some rollers and two of the miles are significant rollers, some nights I seem fine, but others I just get juiced by these miles and struggle the rest of the way. It is definitely getting frustrating falling apart on these workouts every 4th or so workout, especially considering the paces really aren't that fast. These should be very doable for me right now. My only other theory is that the work week just gets to me by Thursday evening.


averaged 6:34

Saturdays run went great. Ran with a couple of fast Second Sole guys and a fast local gal on the towpath in Akron. We started out at the goal 6:40 pace and kept it to 6:49 up the monster hill mile then the rest of the run was at 6:30 or better. 10 miles just shy of my 10 mile PR on a training day, so definitely a confidence booster.

Sundays long run didn't feel stellar but got it done at 6:58 pace and wasn't too much worse for wear. (Other than my ankle which has a huge gash on it from wearing bad socks Saturday, dumb move)


The Salty One said...

Nice week! I think Thursdays are tough because you're pushing it to the line 4 days a week these days. You're a human being-give yourself a break! You're kicking ass overall. That's what counts, not whether you hit the pace exactly for one workout. Keep up the good work!

Janet Edwards said...

Girl, you do so well with hitting those targets! It is no wonder why you are silly fast with all that discipline!