Random Thoughts...

After a Hard Saturday Morning Run, to name a few:

Stop forgetting your Garmin!
Man when I am up I'm up and when I am down I am down!
Wonder if redlining it always results in such bipolar attitudes and workouts. (Or is this just me?)
Good company makes a tough run much easier.
Running hard runs with those whose max pace is much faster than yours is dangerous.
Damn I have to run 13.1 miles faster than this next week.
I wonder what the gas station guy thinks I am doing with the $4 ice bags I am purchasing every day.
Chugging two chocolate milks may not have been the brightest move post run.
Never wear those socks with trainers again, nasty ankle gash.
I'm sick of sweating so much that my shoes are soaked by the end of the run.

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Mark said...

I wonder why I redline every time, too? I'm rotating three pair of shoes so they have time to dry out!