Columbus Training - Week 2 and 3

Week 2 Goals:
Total Mileage 65 - 70.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo run 7 miles @ 6:30.
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 8:00 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 18 miles @ 7:20.
10 miles @ 7:30 - 7:40.

Week 3 Goals:

Total Mileage 70.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Twilight Trail 8k or tempo run 7 miles @ 6:25
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 20 miles @ 7:10 average for total distance with last 5 miles under 35 mins.
10 miles @ 7:00 - 7:20.

How it played out:

Week 2: 70 miles
Monday-8 miles 7:56 pace trails
Tuesday-10 miles with track
Wednesday-10 miles 8:28 pace
Thursday- 3 miles easy with 6*100
Friday-Tempo 7 at 6:23, 10 total
Saturday-10 miles 7:28 pace
Sunday- 18 miles at 7:11 pace

week 3: 70 miles
Monday-8 miles ~ 8:30 pace
Tuesday-8 miles with track solo
7:37 average
Wednesday- 9 miles 8:30 pace
Thursday- 3 mile warm up with strides, 8k trail race, 4 mile cool down
Friday- 4 miles easy with 6*100 strides 8:30 pace
Saturday- 10 miles solo 7:08 pace
Sunday- 20 miles solo, 7:17 pace, last 5 in 35:34

Key Workouts:

Last Week-8*800 with 90 second rests targeting 2:50. Solid workout all between 2:47 and 2:50.
This week- Ran by myself later to avoid the heat, original workout is moved to next week and instead we did 200s because of the heat. 16*200/200 jog aiming for 49s or whatever heat allowed. All but 3 in 39 something, 1 in 40 and 2 in 38 something. My head was not in it, just a bummer day for me, so I was glad my body was on board even though I wasn't really with it.

Tempo: Ran this one solo and pushed it back to Friday morning due to nicer weather. So glad I did. Hit all 7 miles under 6:30 and averaged 6:23 for the run.

Twilight Trail: Post to come, a fun night with friends and a good hard run

Long Runs:
Last week- both the 10 miler and 18 miler were a blast. The weather was cooler and I had good company. I've been becoming a bit of a shell of my perky self in this heat and hard training and both of these runs made me remember what it used to be like when i was a little less serious and most runs felt good and were just fun. Hopefully I can continue this pattern now that I know it's still there to be had even while achieving my goals.

This week: we are visiting friends in Cinci and I wasn't able to con anyone into keeping me company so I got in my ten yesterday while my friends ran their 8 and today I got in 20 while they all went disc golfing. Yesterday was pretty hot and humid but I survived and managed to hit the paces. Today was a little cooler but I got off to a late start and paid for it about half way through the run. Went a bit too far from the water source and was feeling pretty miserable by mile 14 when I got back to water. Literally took my clothes off and wrung them out before dousing my arms and face in cold water to try and bring my core temp down. My pace was falling off from the target so I just ignored the watch and did my best to run at the effort desired and finish it out. Despite carrying the handheld and 3 water stops I was just no match for the humidity here. Oh well, I was close and hopefully that is the worst conditions I will ever have to live through on a 20!

My right hamstring has been a bit tweaked since last Sunday so I am keeping an eye on it (and icing). My left ankle has just been stiff whenever I am not running. Also keeping an eye on it and making sure to stretch and ice. I can definitely tell I am in marathon training mode again! Hoping coach lets me bump up the miles some (despite this ridiculously hot weather), I think I need to boost my base, my strength on these long runs (and longer track repeats) is lacking right now. My speed seems good, but 2 of 3 long runs so far I have definitely not felt like a marathoner, I did not feel like I could run a fast marathon this morning, that's for sure. Let's hope once the weather breaks that changes!

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solarsquirrel said...

This heat is the cause of your long runs not being what you anticipate. Just wait till we get some cooler weather and you'll be running so fast people won't see you! :)