Last free weekend for awhile

I've been so busy rushing around training, working, and trying to be social that the calendar is filling up before I can slow down to realize what I have added to it. Which is how this weekend ended up being the last free one for awhile. Remind me to enjoy it :)

Upcoming Events:

August 29th- Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon (Racing)
September 4th- North Coast Challenge 5 Mile (Racing)
September 12th- Rev3 Ironman (Cheering)
September 18th- Air Force Half (1:40 pacer)
September 25th- Akron Marathon Relay (Racing Anchor Leg)
Two weekends to breathe/taper
October 17th- Columbus Marathon (Racing)


KimZepp said...

I'm signed up for the Spirit of Columbus 1/2, too. I liked the looks of the course.
Have you run it before?

E-Speed said...

Kim, I paced it last year and the course is great! Just a couple of rollers, shaded most of the way. Last year I remember thinking man I wish I would have raced this, because it would be fast.

Race management could use some help though. For example last year there was quite a pile up post race for the finisher goodies, and this year they seem to be having trouble with the sites pre reg list as others who had signed up in june are not listed (i tried to call and their inbox is full)...also a bummer that they decided to can prize money as that will make the field less competitive.

Black Knight said...

Those are a lot of races! Good luck.