Week 23- Race Week

Legs felt zippy and fresh early in the week, less zippy but very rested before race morning. Definitely had no clue how things would go, but was excited to find out.

October 12th through the 18th-51 miles

Monday- 5.5 easy
Tuesday- 6.5 with light track
Wednesday- 4.3 easy
Thursday (Birthday!)- 5 with 2 eat marathon pace
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 3 easy
Sunday- .4ish warm up
26.2 race at 7:06 pace

Key workouts:

just usual 4*100 strides then 2*400 jogging 200/striding 200, 2*400 and 1600 at marathon effort

Thursday just 5 miles, 2 at 7:50-8, 1 at 7:30, and 2 at 7:04

Race time, goal 3:05, finish 3:05:57. details to come.

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