Giving Thanks

Before the weekend gets away from me I just wanted to publicly acknowledge all of those that helped me to get race ready for this marathon.

Huge thanks to my husband for putting up with my crazy schedule full of sleep and training. I know it is not easy living with a runner and I appreciate that you let me train and do the things I need to in order to cash in on my hard work on race day.

Huge thanks to Coach G. It was so nice to have a program set out for me each week which did not involve me thinking about anything. I have obviously been getting faster and at a nice rate so I am very appreciative of his selfless efforts each week on the track and Sunday giving me advice and keeping me on track.

Many thanks to everyone I train with. Special thanks to NC, FD, and PR. The three of you have just been awesome track and long run partners this season. And huge thanks to my lunch running pals, Daisy and CV just rock and make the boring recovery miles so much more fun. Thanks to Babs for all the inspiration. Such a great year for you and I am honored to be a part of your training group.

Thanks to Salty and PR for all the online advice when I was feeling down about the few bad tempos and feeling run down etc. It is great to have friends who will hash things out with you.

Huge thanks to my parents who are driving me down to Columbus early and staying to cheer me on. I think they have been to almost every one of my marathons. I am so blessed to have such an awesome support team.

And thanks to all my friends and family who come here or my facebook and leave such encouraging words all the time. It has definitely been difficult to stay fired up for all of the hard training this year and the support network has just been a huge help and inspiration to do better.

I don't acknowledge you all enough but know that I am always very grateful for all of you.


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Charlie said...

Have a great race.