Week 22

One week to Columbus!

This week I was intending on getting in 40-44 miles. Ended up taking an unplanned rest day yesterday. By the time I got home from towpath I was feeling pretty under the weather and opted for an epsom salt bath and rest instead of an afternoon run. Being a female sucks sometimes, we will leave it at that.

October 5th through the 11th- 37 miles

Monday- 6.08 miles easy 8:19 pace
Tuesday- 5.43 miles easy 8:15 pace
Wednesday- 8.16 miles 7:39 pace
Thursday- 7.28 miles with tempo, pm 60 minutes yoga
Friday- Rest and massage
Saturday- 10 miles, hilly roads and trails 8:32 pace
Sunday- "Rest" walked about 3 miles and worked towpath aid station

Key Workouts:

Tuesday- track was a bust, went to three tracks and all had soccer games or football practice so just bagged the track workout

Wednesday- Ran 8 miles and threw in 4*100 strides just to keep the legs "perky"

Thursday- 5 miles tempo aiming for 7 minute pace the first 4 and 6:50 the last. We felt good and the wind was at our backs when we started so everything was a hair fast.

Saturday- Joined up with friends to celebrate LT's wedding and ran some hills and trails in Brecksville, was going to save the 10 miler for Sunday but decided to just get it done Saturday while it was nice out and I had the time. Glad I did since Sunday was a bust on the running front.

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