Week 21 with the Coach

So the pacing jobs definitely put a bit of a stop on what coach would have preferred for training, but initially I thought I was not racing a marathon this fall when I offered to pace so we just had to go with the flow. This week was a bit tough mentally a physically. Even though I haven't done anything really fast in a few weeks it isn't like I was "recovered" because I did just run a marathon. We backed off the mileage a bit this week but included three quality days to try and get my marathon speed ready.

I've been wearing the heart rate monitor that came with the garmin just to see where my heart rate is, I don't have any idea what it means other than if it is higher or lower than another workout. So the numbers are there just as an FYI to me.

September 28th through October 4th-55 miles

Monday- 6.7 easy 8:41 pace
Tuesday- 8 with track workout
Wednesday- 7.46 easy 8:25 pace
Thursday- 9.35 with tempo (Yoga PM)
Friday- Rest and Rossiter Massage
Saturday-6.52 miles 8:23 pace
Sunday-17.25 miles 7:16 pace

Key Workouts:

Tuesday night was rough. It was rainy and cold and my legs just didn't have much oomph.

We did a ladder workout 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 800, 1200, as always I tried to aim for 6 minute pace or under but just didn't have it. I felt nauseous for most of the workout and if my coach wasn't standing in the rain taking splits I think I would have broke down crying and gone home early/fed up.

6:02.78 (303)
4:32.29 (2:33)
3:02.58 (2:07)
1:30.54 (1:36)
3:03.38 (180)

I wasn't very happy about this since the average pace was what I was running about 18 weeks ago and not even close to what I had been doing recently, but given I had just run a marathon and hadn't done speed in nearly two weeks it was to be expected.

Thursday Tempo-

I was feeling a lot better for this than I was the track workout. The weather was nice out and I was confident I would hit the goal paces...then we turned around into the headwind.

goal was 7 miles, 2*7:10, 2*7:00, 2*6:50, 1*6:40. I had to stop the last mile to stretch and catch my breath, during the 6th mile my left quad was tightening up and just didn't feel right.

mile 1 7:03.62 (tail wind) (169 bpm)
mile 2 7:07.64 (tail wind) (175 bpm)
mile 3 6:56.95 (tw/hw) (179 bpm)
mile 4 6:59.79 (headwind) (181 bpm)
mile 5 6:59.64 (headwind) (183 bpm)
mile 6 6:59.12 (tailwind) (180 bpm)
mile 7 6:44.76 (headwind) (179 bpm)

Long Run

Goal was to run 15-17 miles averaging 7:10 pace with the last 5 at or better than 7:00. We ran 15 averaging 7:05 and then did a 2.25 mile cool down. I did not think this run was going to go well. I was running late to the workout, forgot my gel, and started out alone. The first two miles my shins were on fire and then PR caught me (got there later then me) and in the third mile two more new gals caught up and we ran the rest of the run as a group. I wasn't feeling stellar and the hills were rough but I was able to push the last 5 miles and this left me feeling much more confident about Columbus.

7:17.25 (162)
7:11.58 (169)
7:10.13 (173)
7:04.49 (176)
6:57.03 (173)
6:55.74 (172)
7:00.83 (168)
7:33.80 (172) Hills
7:26.05 (172) Hills
7:31.98 (175) Hills
6:46.52 (171)
7:02.43 (171)
6:55.25 (173)
6:47.71 (177)
6:40.37 (178)

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